Globe Mini Bar
Globe Mini Bar
Globe Mini Bar

Globe Mini Bar

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  • Our wine cabinet adopts double-layer design, which can store wine not only in the ball cabinet, but also in the panel at the bottom.
  • There are four compartments in the sphere with a diameter of 330 / 360mm, which can store up to 9 bottles, and a shelf under the globe for up to 6 bottles.
  •  Globe drinks cabinet is in the shape of a globe with medieval elegance. The inner part of the ball is a view of the sky, and the outer part is an old world map of earth. 
  • The wine storage rack is equipped with three 360-degree rotating wheels to make the bottle storage rack convenient and easy to move,  And the rack is supported by 3 solid wood pillars to keep balanced when moving
  • The upper hemisphere of the mini bar sphere can be raised to reveal the drinks and glasses inside. Under the globe is a shelf for storing and displaying bottles and glasses, very suitable for storing drinks in the living room, restaurant, bar or office.
  •  Our bar cabinet is made of solid wood and plastic, with smooth surface, healthy and durable, and can be used for a long time. 

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